Monday, July 8, 2019


And now to bring us into July.

This is another male birthday card.  The guy with the birthday collects glassware sets with pitchers.  So I think this works well for him.  I'm not sure where I found this.  Probably in a magazine at some point.
Stitched on 28-ct twilight mist Jobelan over 2.

This one is for me.  I've wanted to do "A Stitcher's House" by Stone Street Stitchworks for some time.  It's on Vintage Country Mocha 32 count linen.  I love how this door hanger turned out.  The colors are even prettier in person.

Here's a fun birthday card for a June 10th birthday.  I modified Heart In Hands Square Dance for June.  I loved the result.  Again on Vintage Country Mocha 32 count, apparently my new favorite.   I  enclosed a Baskin-Robbins gift card since it went so well with the theme.


Another finish for me using 32 count Vintage Country Mocha Belfast.  This is The Floss Box design, "Autumn Mandala".  It's an oldie that I saw stitched up online somewhere and took a liking to it.  I would never have known how cute it was if I hadn't seen it completed.  The pattern was only a graph with no photo of a finished model.
Makes a cute mat as a resting spot for my glasses, keys, whatever.

I made another cute coin purse gift. This is a modified version of the Black Hearted Queen freebie from SubRosa Designs.  The chart is still available on her blog here. The red dress idea was someone else's color change that I adopted. The wording change was my brain child. Less border too. Love my little heart charm zipper pull. This is on  32 ct summer khaki linen over 2.  Zipper pull charm from Creative Kinyobi on Etsy.

Finally, we have a last minute July 4th card stitched on 36 count summer khaki Edinburgh linen.  This is the "Liberty" mini-cat freebie from Lynn at Happiness is Cross Stitching.   Michael's made my job easy with those nice shiny star stickers and the star sequins jumped out at me in a local variety store.

Click here
for the chart.


Robin in Virginia said...

What a fabulous variety of stitches you created! Well done!

Margaret said...

I've enjoyed looking at all your catch up posts. Worth the wait. All beautiful -- your stitching and finishing is always impeccable. Also your choice of what to stitch!

Vickie said...

I think the theme of the male birthday card is perfect for him. A Stitcher's House is so pretty. Plenty of pink for me! ;) I stitched up June Square Dance too and love it! Your resting spot for your glasses is beautiful.I like your version of the Queen much better Annie!!

butterfly said...

Fab stitching and cards , love them all.
Enjoy your week.

Cathy said...

You were busy last month and all are very nice pieces, but my favorite is the card for your male friend.

Carol said...

Wow! You sure had a great run in the stitching/finishing department from May-July, Annie! Love all three cards, but I think the patriotic all-black kitty is my favorite :) And your change purse is so cute--great change on the wording! Love the summery colors in A Stitcher's House--glad you do keep at least some things for yourself!

Enjoy your weekend, Annie--we are having a perfect day here after the violent storms we had yesterday. And I heard your part of the world got "just a bit!!" of rain earlier this week--yikes!

Jan said...

Wow. Everything looks great. I love the Stitcher's House, the Autumn Mandala, and the coin purse is too adorable.

Julie said...

You have been busy, so many lovely little crosses you have been putting in and finishing them all so differently

Jane said...

love the door hanger, so pretty

Gina E. said...

Hi Annie, I'm checking out your blog after a few months, and as always, admiring your prolific stitching! Love them all, but the July 4 black cat is my favourite - very cute!
I have been working on some old unfinished cross stitch projects this year, but most of my time is spent on patchwork and quilting these days, so I haven't got very far :-(

engaztop2 said...
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sulis said...
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