Monday, April 18, 2011

Bunny SAL and Carmela's Garden

I was one of many to join Kissy's Bunny SAL, 3 parts in 6 days, a commitment I could handle. I had a small piece of old fabric in my stash from Sassy's Fabbys from the days when she did the hand-painted technique. This was done on a lovely color called Spring Shamrocks. I changed up the colors to work with the fabric and just to be a little different. I loved stitching this and I love how it turned out. I made it into a little zippered bag since I never seem to have enough of those to store stitchy things and other small items.

Just finished a Love Quilts Square for a quilt with the theme of "Girls Being Girls". This design was a freebie displayed by a blogger named Carmela who has since closed her blog. She always had the cutest designs. I think I saved this one with the thought of making a Comfort Doll from it. I added the little motifs outside the border just to make the design a bit larger. Those come from some hardback books on my shelves by various designers. Just when I think it's time to get rid of those books, they come in handy!

Finally, here are some iPhone photos of the various t-shirts and onesies designed for my Jazzercise instructor's new grandson. My instructor was moved to tears by the efforts of some of her students. You can see my shirt with the owl in the top photo.

Zachary's Gifts

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moulin Rouge at Dusk & a T-shirt

After I stitched that Moulin Rouge Dancer, I couldn't stop looking at a design of the Moulin Rouge at midnight in the same booklet. I wanted to stitch it, but the design was done on white with the the entire navy blue sky background stitched in. That sure didn't sound like fun. I thought about using a dark blue fabric, but that didn't sound like much fun either. So Lauren at Sassy's Fabbys came to the rescue and made a medium blue color for me, a bit darker than her standard Ebb Tide color. That way I could do a Moulin Rouge at dusk instead. As usual, the camera just wouldn't do justice to the great colors that really pop on this 18 ct Aida fabric.

One of my Jazzercise instructors just became a first time grandmother. Some of us agreed to decorate a t-shirt or onesie in some way and the collection will be presented to her as a class gift. I thought I had kind of mastered the technique of stitching on a t-shirt, but this little thing was so incredibly stretchy! From a distance it's pretty cute and the baby will outgrow it in a few months. And it will be given with a whole set of interesting shirts, so I'm not worried that it isn't perfect. The design is a Stickeule freebie you can fine here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Birthday Village

I'm still here, but life seems to have interfered with my crafting so not much to show. I did manage to complete the March installment on the San-man Birthday Village SAL. Looks like the little girl in the pink house has come out to play on the swing. I completely re-designed her. I just wasn't happy with the way the original came out, and even with my "no frogging" policy, I felt compelled to re-do her. Proportions are a little weird on this design, but I do like her better now.

And for SherryA, who asked for the link to the double flower dishcloth pattern from this old post, here it is.. Click Here