Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stitching Pretty

I love when I find stitcher-tunities to do feminine, pretty designs.  The last couple of weeks presented me with just the right occasions to use some.  The World of Charity Stitching group is doing a Fruits and Berries quilt (not sure why berries are different from fruits, but whatever).  Of course most people did a standard apple, pear, etc.  But I remembered this lovely Strawberry House design, "Maisonnette aux Fraise", from Le Chalet des Pérelles.  I added the top strawberry and roses to increase the size a little.  This was so much fun to stitch.  It's on 25-ct bone lugana over two.  So relaxing to work on lower count fabric and the design shows up nicely for a quilt square.

I have been invited to an engagement party for a cousin of mine.  Trying to figure out what kind of gift is appropriate to bring.  Not sure what the etiquette is for this.  But meanwhile, I made this card to go along with whatever gift I pick out.  This is one of the free Gift Of Stitching heart designs. This is done on linen and I used a little interfacing to stiffen it.  I think Aida really makes better cards.  I used DMC Ruby Red color variations and I think that worked out pretty well.    The color scheme might be a bit too patriotic for an engagement card, but so what.

Finally, I made this birthday card from another of  the little cuties from Le Chalet des Perelles.  This is  actually called "Un peu d'Amour et d'Amitié",  meaning "A little Love and Friendship". I wanted it to have more of a birthday greeting and I struggled to find a sentiment that was appropriate and would fit in the space.  But I think I succeeded.  This was on another piece of linen that was a little floppy for the card, but the old-fashioned feel worked well here.