Sunday, September 24, 2017

Assorted Cards

And the cross-stitch card machine rolls on.  Quick stitching, quick finishing.  About all I can handle during this time.

First up is this thank you card using a  modification of Snowflower Diaries "You are so Loved".
Basically I just took a partial chunk of the design to fit in the card space.   Her designs always look better in the hand-dyed threads she chose, but DMC is so much more convenient that I rarely go in for hand-dyeds.

Next we have a fang-tastic vampire duo from the Etsy shop "Crafty Like A Fox".  Easy stitching with no back-stitch and limited color palette.  Perfect for the couple who will be receiving it.  It seems that a lot of Etsy sellers are adopting this kind of modern look to their designs.  They seem to have that millennial, minimalist vibe.

Unfortunately, only a few months after the death of one of my beloved mentors and former employers,  another friend/mentor/former employer passed away.  I used another "Dear Rine" motif for a condolence card.  I hope I don't have reason to make any more these anytime soon.

I totally forgot to anticipate a friend's upcoming birthday so I did some diving into completed but not 'finish-finished'  designs to see what I could cobble together at the last minute.  This little design from "Cat's Whiskers" by Janie Hubble  filled the bill.  So tiny that I added some fabric trim.  The birthday boy was very appreciative.

And finally one more Halloween card that expresses my current state of mind.  This is "Just Batty" by Lizzie Kate, another very quick stitch.  I used seed beads for the boot buttons.  Seemed more proportionate.  The pretty brown and orange side ribbon and the adorable felt pumpkin sticker were given to me by our dear stitcher friend Carol of Stitching Dreams fame.   They were party of package she sent me that included assorted card making supplies and a cute note pad with matching stitcky notes.  Stitching friends are the best!