Friday, May 27, 2016

Sneak Peek Summer Tin #2

The great rain streak of 2016 has finally been broken here and we've had some sunny days.  Unfortunately, my photos for this post were taken when it was still pretty dreary outside so they may not show up so well.

I completed the second tin for the Trilogy Summer Sneak Peak pair.  The universe was with me on this one.  I was browsing in Joann's fabric store for something completely different when I stumbled upon this narrow ribbon with a watermelon slice print.  I could hardly believe it.  How perfect a trim can you get?  And coupled with the polka dot tan that kind of gives the flavor of the basket, I think it really enhanced the design.  This one contains the flash drive with the whole cast of Peanuts characters.

One of the members of the 123 Stitch Message board suffered a serious health problem recently.  Board members banded together to shower her with get-well cards.  I had stitched up this old Chessie and Me freebie some time ago and never used it.  I thought it made a nice, cheery card.  Hoping she recovers quickly.

And the mystery of Ele's ABC SAL has been revealed.  She is doing numbers on the final three squares.  This may make my placement on cubed pin cushions a bit tricky, but I'm not going to let that spoil the fun.  No changes from Ele's design on this.  Only two more to go!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sneak Peek Summer Tin

It's been raining here for two weeks, but the sun came out briefly this afternoon to give me enough light for photos.  It was time for a couple of Altoid tin gifts for a couple of summer-loving friends.  The Trilogy Sneak Peek Summer designs are perfect for this and two fit comfortably on a tin top.  I've finished one and will make one more.  I used 36 count light blue linen using DMC.  The little butterfly on the upper right was my addition since it looked so bare on that corner.  I used a motif for the butterfly that Lynn charted and uses in many of her designs. See this example.

The inside has the cutest little Snoopy flash drive.  And they were on a clearance sale to make them especially cute!  The other one has all the peanuts characters on it. Great find at Staples.

I'm caught up with Ele's ABC SAL.  The alphabet part is finished, so I'm very curious to see what the final 3 blocks will be.  I didn't make any changes to the "vwx" block.  The "yz" block motif was the zinnia, but without stitching any words, I was afraid it might not be identifiable.  I went with 'yacht' for the 'y', even though one might wonder why I put a sailboat on a "yz" square.  But 'y' and 'z' don't give one a lot of good choices.   My attempt at a zig-zag failed miserably.  I didn't want 'yarn' since I was avoiding a needlework theme.  Yo-yo was too modern.  Frankly, I got tired of over-thinking it!

And I finished the May design for the Joyful World SAL.  Just a few color changes this month. I  made the orange flowers a little darker.  I turned the white bird into a bluebird.  There is also minuscule back-stitching on the cat faces.  I'm caught up just in time for the new June pattern.. a super-bear!