Sunday, April 19, 2015

Flowers & Flags Altoid Tin

I recently found a new use for an empty Altoid tin.   It's perfect for storing the tokens we buy to run the washers and dryers in our condo laundry room.  Would you believe that with all of the embellished tins I have made, I have never kept one for myself?  It seemed crazy to use an un-embellished one.. kind of like the cobbler's kids never having new shoes.  Elizabeth Talledo to the rescue! Last year she did a series of six lovely designs for hornbooks in JCS.  I had already used two of them for Altoid tins since they are the right size if done over-one on 28 count fabric.  I picked the "Flowers & Flags Hornbook" from the August, 2014 issue.  It's getting close to that patriotic stitching time of year anyway.  

It's stitched on 18 count tea Monaco using the alternate DMC colors rather than hand-dyeds.  I think that really is the best Altoid tin fabric.   I skipped the one row border and added a few tiny buttons instead.  In my stash of test crochet motifs, I found a cute red one done using #8 pearl cotton.  I must have just gotten new glasses when I did that one!  It makes a nice surprise on the inside lid.

Now I'm off to do my laundry.  Bet I have the cutest token box on the floor!