Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reindeer buddy, crocheted pouch & dapper chick

After having success with the pinkeep finish,  I decided to start experimenting with the flat ornament finish that is pretty similar.   The design is a freebie from Aliolka's blog.   I changed the colors to make a little more contrast on the fabric I was using, Sassy's cobblestone on 18 ct Aida.  The edging is a standard braid with three lengths of floss.  I used two six-strand lengths of each color.  I  think I could have used more strands to be a little fuller.  Next time I might try a lanyard-sytle braid like we used to make out of gimp when I was a kid.  I don't know if they still do that, but I made a ton of those back in the day.   Not 100% happy with the finish, but my brother who likes cute reindeer and owls should like it.  I think I may do one of the other reindeer ornaments on the blog as a companion piece since I have one small piece of the same fabric left.

Here's the tutorial that I more or less followed:
Flat Ornament Finishing Tute

The fun part was the little bow.  I don't know if I'm the last person to discover the 'fork bow' or not, but it's an incredibly simple way to make a nice bow for this purpose.  This little one was made with a regular dinner fork.  To make a larger bow, you use a larger fork or a potato masher or a wide-toothed comb.. anything with evenly spaced spikes that you can use for weaving the ribbon.  You can make multiple loops too.  Use the link below to see how to do it.
Fork Bow Tute


Found another crochet motif I wanted to try.  This is called the Tahiti Blossom.  Click on it for the pattern.  I used it to embellish a little pouch and then I wanted to do some embellishment on the flap also.  Found this fan pattern on Ravelry.  Ravelry patterns are great because members give so many review, hints and cool modifications.  The picot edging is one of those great ideas that really adds to the original pattern.  I sent this to Melanie with one of the little pincushions I showed in an earlier post.   I guess I could say I sent it because she was going through a tough period, but I actually didn't know that.  In any case, it turned out to be a good time to send her a little pick-me-up gift.

Tahiti Blossom

WOCS started a special request quilt with a chicken theme.  Seemed uninteresting to me, but then I remembered something from my stitch and stow vault.  This little guy was stitched in the 80's or early 90's  from a design in an old issue of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts.  I think it was an adaptation of a vintage Easter card.  I kept hoping someone I knew would have a baby around Easter time and I would use this as the basis of a baby sampler, but it never happened.  I'm happy to donate it now and give it a good home.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeding again

My last post seems to have gotten lost in  the world of RSS and never made it to many readers.  Trying this way to see if I can at least get a way to broadcast.  The link should take you directly to the post   Charming Ghost and Summer Splendor

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Charming Ghost and Summer Splendor

We have a tale of two seasons today.  Ever since Maja of Snowflower Diaries entered the blogging and designing world, I've been wanting to stitch this little haunted house cutie.  And now I also want to make everything into a pinkeep too since I had success with the last one.  As you can see, I'm into experimental mode with the top bow.  Couldn't get the colors to show up right with my camera of course.  The fabric is a 36 ct linen in Rue Green which a really light blue-green shade although it looks very blue here.  The last photo is probably the closest to the real color. The dark color floss is Sassy's Fabbys Witches Brew.  I had some in my stash and thought this was the perfect use for it.  I just love that dreamy little ghost, right down to the eyelashes.. teeny straight stitches.  And the dark stems and leaves just add to the eerie quality of the little piece.  I used Comic Book cardboard for the inside of this one.  Felt like Penny in the Big Bang Theory Comic Book store when I went to shop for this.  Or more like Penny's adopted grandmother, but whatever.  The board is a bit sturdier than the Brownie Mix cardboard, but both work equally well for this I think.

And now back to our current season.  I saw this LHN Summer Splendor design on so many blogs that I grew attached to it.  Stitched it up as a little wall-hanging or mat. The border is not as wonky as it appears in the photo.  I used DMC floss with just a few minor changes in the colors. I wanted a little more contrast in the greens, and I picked a gold that showed up a bit better.  This is on 28 count Summer Khaki linen over-two... easy on the old eyes.