Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crochet Pincushion plus....

I love to make thread crochet motifs, but I really find it hard to find a way to use them. I only like to make one of any design...not into crocheted doilies, tablecloths and such. I was browsing for something else entirely when I found these gorgeous pincushions at this Etsy seller, Namolio. Not sure of the details on how she attaches the motifs, but I decided to make something on that order. I cut two felt circles, used blanket stitch to sew them together and stuffed them. Then I sewed my motif on top, just tacking at each of the eight vertices of this octagonal design. I did it in a hurry so the sewing was pretty sloppy, but as a proof of concept, I'm pleased.

I've been keeping up with the Great Escape SAL in the Stitch Specialits Yahoo group. You can see the model on the home page. Each installment uses a different embroidery stitch and some are quite tricky to do well. My stitches are not really very even and someone said my owl probably has ruffled feathers. I'll go along with that. We've had 4 installments so far and the owl is starting to look like an owl. The fabric I'm using is a light blue violet, not this harsh blue that my camera chose!

Another browsing around session brought me to a cute sampler I fell in love with. It's called 'A Sea of Red, White and Blue' by Tonia Pappan of Oakhaven designs. I've finished the stitching and hope to make it into an art quilt for AAQI. Just waiting for Tonia to grant permission. Don't you just love the little guy with the spyglass. Little does he know that giant bird is right behind him!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Altoid Tins

I started stitching little Halloween designs without knowing what I was going to do with them. When the first one turned out to be Altoid tin size, I made sure the rest were the right size too. I felt like an assembly line in a factory doing four of these at one time, but they are all done now and ready to give as little Halloween favors to members of my team at work.

The design that started it all is Boo House by Blue Ribbon Designs. This is in the 2011 JCS Halloween Ornament issue.

Next we have "Black Crow Lane" by Oak Haven Designs. You can find the chart here. I changed the wording since this will be for a colleague who works with maps and distance calculations. "As the crow flies" is a phrase we use all the time.

I thought this little "Acorn House" piece by Jeannette Douglas from the JCS Halloween Issue was cute and would be a real quickie. Didn't notice the over-one owl, cat and fence til I was part way through. Quite a task for me on 36 ct linen, but it came out quite nice, I think.

And finally, I stitched "Boo Tyme" by Homespun Elegance. This freebie is still available here. I added a little bit of color and I like the look.

For the inside, I used scrapbook paper and little felt cutouts. I'm going to put a little Halloween candy in each one.