Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Threads and Bookmark

Unfortunately,  the last square I stitched for WOCS, the Needles and Thread piece by LHN, is lost in the USPS ether.  Mailed on July 21 and still hasn't arrived in FL.  I've sent a ton of squares from my house to the same address with no problem.   Guess my number finally came up.  I've had the problem with international mail before, but not inside the U.S.   Anyway, you know the old expression about getting right back on the horse after your fall, so I stitched a replacement square for the "Sew Be It" quilt.  This design is " Random Threads" by Erica Michaels.  I wanted something with few colors, minimal back stitch and just the right size.  I think I found it and I'm just hoping this one finds its way to its new home.

I had a long skinny piece of fabric from my Miek hand-dyed collection that I decided was perfect for a bookmark.  Not sure what to put on that bright yellow, but then I remembered Erynne's "Summer Owls" design.  I selected three of the four owls and just made a column of them.  You gotta love owls in bathing suits, especially the middle one in the polka dot bikini.

The design is a freebie on Erynne's Stitcheree blog and you can download the full pattern here.

My friend Hetti surprised me with some lovely gifts.  The top two photos below show a little mirror pouch she made.  You are viewing the back side of the mirror itself on the left.  Hetti designed a cross stitch pattern for the pouch that kind of mimics the delft tile pattern on the mirror.  Love the little butterfly button too.  Isn't this clever and gorgeous?

She also included some beautiful multi-color threads and the three with the white tags in the photo are hand-dyed by Miek.  The card shown with the floss is one of Hetti's creations.  She makes fabulous cards!

On the bottom right you can see the post card, Dutch-themed wrapping paper, Hetti and Miek's calling cards and a cute little purse-sized memo pad with Delft tile designs on the cover.  The paper inside is graph paper, so handy for a little charting on the go!

Thanks, so much Hetti!  I feel spoiled again!


Kissy said...

Fabulous gifts and oh these owls!!
Too bad about the square, hope this one will arrive safely. It's pretty and sure was a relaxing stitch.

Blu said...

That's awful about the post. Hopefully this will arrive just fine.

The owls are so cute! And such a lovely gift from Hetti.

Annette said...

I see al dutch things.
The sisters spoiled you with beautifull things. Really awesome.
Very beautifull.

How Awfull you post didn't arrived. Your next pieces is very lovely too
Cute bookmark. Love the fabric with it.
I also have your fabric from Miet. Real beautys

Sheryl S. said...

What pretty gifts. Rotten about the lost post but just maybe it might turn up one day.

Jane Galley said...

I do hope it eventually finds it's way there, but the replacement piece is lovely. Got to love that bookmark, makes you smile every time, enjoy your pressies too

Vickie said...

Ugh. Hate it when mail/gifts go missing. I think I have that Erica Michaels pattern. Love it. Also love Hetti's gift.

miek said...

great combo, the fabric with the owls! love it.
and the pattern from hetti is also beautiful.
i love the colors you used on the replacement piece what is a nice one, hope the other turns up!
greetings miek

stitchersanon said...

Don't get me started on postage; the prices go up but the service standards go down. I love your stitchy projects, very cute xx

Angela P said...

Lovely stitching :)

Mii Stitch said...

Oh gosh, the post office service is just eurghhh... argh!!! So so frustrating.
I really love the little owls, they are so cute :)

ricketyjo said...

Sorry to hear about your lost item. Lovely stitching, the owls and the fabric for the bookmark are absolutely lovely! And gorgeous gifts from Hetti :)

Karen said...

Random Threads is very nice, I love the browns. Those little owls are way too cute, they must have been fun to stitch! How nice that you were given those wonderful gifts, those threads especially look very interesting!

Dani - tkdchick said...

How frustrating! I had an RR go missing after I mailed it to the next person, it was devastating as it wasn't mine! But there's nothing you can do about it!

You stitched a great replacement and your owl bookmark is perfect and adorable!

Penny said...

It's always a gamble with the mail. You stitched up a nice replacement square and hopefully it will reach its destination. And those little owls are so cute ~ I love them! :) Hetti sent you some lovely items. Those threads are really pretty.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, there is such a lot to admire here. This owl bookmark is hilarious, I love love love the little owls in their bathing suits. Cute guys, lol.
So sorry that one of your squares went lost but you never know which ways lead into the postal nirwana, lol. Your replacement piece is really lovely.
Such a lovely gift from Hetti, beautifully stitched and finished.

Anne said...

Too bad about the lost piece. I always wonder when that will happen to me. Love your little owl bookmark and such beautiful gifts from Hetti! The little mirror pouch is perfect!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh heavens to mercy, that is bad when things get lost :(
I love all the gifts that your friend sent you :)

Hetti said...

Finally here I am :-))
I am so glad the post arrived and thank you for the compliments Annie!
It was fun to find and make these gifts specially for you.
The owls are very cute, thank you for the link.
XXX Hetti

Carol said...

Just got back from our annual beach "vacation" with the in-laws and am trying my best to catch up on blog reading, Annie! That is such a cute bookmark--who doesn't love a bikini wearing owl :) And I was happy to read in your newest post that the missing stitched piece finally arrived! A month??? That is absurd!

Lovely gifts from Hettie--I love anything blue and white, too. My mom had Delft tiles on our kitchen counters when I was growing up, so that memo pad is especially sweet... Enjoy!!

Annette-California said...

You made the cutest bookmark! Very lovely gifts from sweet Hetti! You got some of Miek's dyed threads too! I bet their parcel surprised you! love Annette