Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doll faces

I joined a Cloth Dolls group on Stitchin' Fingers for fun after doing all of this experimentation with comfort dolls. Some of the ladies there do wonderful embroidered faces on their Dotee dolls so I thought I'd practice a little to see how to do it. Here are my doodles:

For the first two, I traced faces from a magazine ad using tracing paper. I pinned the paper to the felt and back-stitched through both the paper and the felt. Then I tore the felt away. For the bottom one, I just drew a face free hand onto the felt with a pencil and stitched over it.

I'll work on this some more. Doesn't take much time and when I get something I like, I'll incorporate into a doll.


laplandyellow said...

so as you asked to me;
the face under i like that, special her eyes!!!
(looking forwards).

Liz said...

Wow! They all three look great. I have to agree with Marja, though, the bottom one is the best. She looks like she would be quite a character!

patternnuts said...

Oh how cute is that?
Yup, the bottom one looks the most like she'd be my friend...!*chuckles* Or me!

Val said...

I like the bottom one best too.... :)

Anonymous said...

i like all of them, but the two upp most.