Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It pays to be a mom

I recently became a Floss Mom for the first time. I have a lovely daughter in the Netherlands to whom I sent her first shipment of floss a couple of weeks ago. As a thank you, she sent me a package of her gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics in ornament-cut size. They are very beautiful as you can see below.

One piece in particular is of a type I've never seen before. It's Aida, but in two different thread counts laid out in a checkerboard fashion. Have to figure out a good use for this one.

The enclosed card is lovely too. It's made with a quilted motif on top. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but it's puffy, like a little raised pillow. I think it was made by my daughter's sister (who in real life would qualify as my daughter as well, but this is stitch-ville):

You can see more samples of my daughter's work on her blog, Miek. It's in Dutch, but pictures are the same in any language


Barbara said...

Wow, that's so cool!!!

patternnuts said...

Oooh so pretty!! You're a very lucky mom. :)

Sandra said...

Wow that is lovely!!! It sure pays to be a mom! The colors are outstanding and that checkerboard fabric is stunning!

Estela said...

Realy nice fabric, and I like the colors, congratulations, Estela

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me Annie for my very late answer.
Yes indeed I make the card with a Origami folded star from quilt fabric. And I added some fiberfill underneath the fabric.
I am very pleased you like it and that my sister is your daughter... LOL!!
You have a very nice Blog Annie,
greetz and love from .....Hetti

Sandra said...

Annie I just went to Miek's blog. Art runs in the family for what I saw. Loved the pieces with buttons, specially the lilac, I love to see a work where materials are used in an original way. Congrats to Miek! And to her proud mom.