Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Angelina-Lara Croft

Spent way too much mental energy on the Angelina Jolie doll. Finally, I decided to just do it and accept whatever resulted. She's way skinnier than I planned, but after all, Angelina is very skinny in real life so I guess it's appropriate. I had great fun with the pink embroidered gun. I had a pair of cap pistols with 'pearl' handles as a kid (imagine the whining I had to do to get my Mom to buy me those!) so I added the beads in memory of those guns.

There has been a lot of talk about what to do with thread clippings (aka 'orts') on blogs recently. Well, Angelina's insides are all made of clippings. Probably a year's worth!

At least now I can move on to thinking about other things in my spare time! But Miek, you promised me a Brad Pitt doll if I did an Angelina. If you do the Brad Pitt one, I'll send you the Angelina as a mate.


Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, Annie, she's FAB!! Love the pearl-handled gun! :D

staci said...

Love her, lol!

Irishenchantment said...

haha love it look at those lips you have got them perfect lol

MIEK said...

she`s realy looking cool!!!!
Brad is finished, i send a foto by mail to you.
he is already on his way to you.
he`s a french american or other way round.
he`s got french trousers and tie and a frog on his arm because of the frog parts they eat in france.
(they are going to live there, yuo know)

Sandra said...

Great job Annie!!! You're right, it wouldn't be her without the skinny part.

I love the gun! I played "cowboy mouse" in kindergarten, best part of it it's I got a pair of guns, cowboy hat and boots and a red bandana LOL

Val said...

She is just wonderful - I wonder what Angelina would say if she could see herself? lol You really are very clever :)

Jenny said...

She looks wild Annie! What a great job you have done!