Monday, April 28, 2008

Crocheted motifs

I am so envious of the tatting prowess shown on this blog: Umi and Tsuru. I once learned to tat long ago, but I never got very proficient. So I wondered if I could substitute some crocheted motifs instead to get a somewhat similar effect. Of course I hadn't crocheted in years either, but I rummaged through my stash archives and found a pretty ball of variegated pink knit-cro-sheen thread and a size 7 hook. Then I cruised the web and found some patterns.

I'm a little rusty, but this is what I came up with and maybe I'll try to incorporate these in an upcoming comfort doll finish:

1 comment:

patternnuts said...

Looks great Annie!
I bought the smaller crochet hook with the intent to maybe be able to crochet little dodads to go with my stitching toys. Or just make nnice hangers for them ;)