Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lea is born..

Here's my latest comfort doll. She's not sewn up yet, but the stitching is complete. Her name is Lea and she is from a design by Vavi

I just love how French she looks. I had fun with the little ribbon rose for her hat and the heart charm 'brooch'. I'll keep her around awhile before I send her off for adoption.



patternnuts said...

Beautiful job Annie! She's fabulous!

Jenny said...

She is adorable Annie!

Barbara said...

Your comfort doll is sooooo adorable. Bet you're going to miss her when you send her out. ;D
Barb in TX (from wXSw group)

Rachel S said...

She is lovely. This is so kind of you to do for these women.

Dra.Ruth Gonzalez Hernandez said...

Dear Annie your blog is beatifull, i love it this dolls, she is adorable, i `d like to make this.