Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good mail day

I was recently discussing Altoid tins and ways to decorate them with a stitchy friend, and then, surprise, I received one in the mail! This was for the Spring exchange on 123 Stitch. My partner, Marie, had never tried this before. She used a design from Victoria Sampler and made it into a little needle case. The inside has a felt lining and magnet sheet attached to the lid. And note the cute bee button glued to the side. Very pretty and springy. She enclosed a couple of packs of needles as well. Thanks, Marie!

Then I also received a book I ordered, Creative Crocheted Dolls by Noreen Crone-Findlay. I've just glanced at it briefly, but it is filled with the most whimsical doll ideas that you can imagine. What an inspiration and new source of ideas!

This made my day!


Daffycat said...

What a beautiful tin! You lucky girl!

patternnuts said...

I see you must be playing with your new camera! :)

*coughs* Can I see a pic of the inside oh the tin???? Please? (*bats eye lashes*)

AngelSan said...

I have that book, it's great ! Well, I haven't used it properly yet though... I'm curious to see what you will make fromthe book !

Sandra said...

Lovely needle case! Well I love bees in any form, except when they sting lol

Iowa Sunshine said...

That is so beautiful! I need to find something neat to put my needles in so i don't keep losing them! =) I sure can't do cross stitch though.