Monday, July 7, 2008

Rehab progress

My first bikini doll has now safely arrived at the Swedish rehab clinic. She is being cared for by a loving family and I'm sure they will set her on a proper course. Here is the photo of her. She wants to be a stripper when she grows up, but hopefully she'll realize the folly of that pursuit with time.

Sandra, the Dotee doll is named after the woman who invented them. Her name is 'Dot' and here is her blog. She has a tutorial for making the basic doll and she even sells kits to make them at her etsi shop.


MIEK said...

well, we al know what happens to Emy Winehouse, she didn`t want to go to rehab!!!!!!
i hope your doll don`t want to go because she has a lovely bikini on.
i think your needles are on fire, you work so hard.
i love the sunshine doll also.

Ginnie said...

Your bikini doll has such a cheeky smile!! i think she'll like it in rehab!!
Great work

Barbara said...

I'm laughing SO hard!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the info Annie! I will try one of these when I'm on vacation (so many plans so little time lol)

I figured it was because of the face, but it makes more sense.

Glad your doll has a new home, I don't know where Melina is right now... Hope she gets to a new owner soon.

Jenny said...

We have had a long discussion about the stripper-dreams and we have agreed that it can wait. Meanwhile she will attend the very openminded Swedish beaches without :-o the bikinitop! "They try to make me go to rehab, but I say no no no..."

Pat Winter said...

Too cute! I am sure the family will set her straight,:-)
What a lovely gesture.Keep up your wonderful work.