Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Prairie Schooler Frenzy

I'm stitching a little Prairie Schooler Four Seasons design that was on the cover of the Gift of Stitching Magazine. It caught my eye when I saw the finished version in the art gallery on San Man. I think I'm going to make it into a luggage tag, the kind that you use to distinguish your luggage from everyone else's. I hope to have a little pocket in it to put a card. It's a fun stitch with pretty colors, no fractionals, limited backstitching and very nice use of a small number of stitches to make an effective design. But not the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I've never appreciated these designs before, but lately I see lots of buzz about them on all the message boards. And I see outrageous prices for the OOP Prairie Schooler charts on e-bay. I don't really get that.

Maybe a reader will enlighten me.


patternnuts said...

I don't get it either! *chuckle.

How's the Crop-a-dile working???

Jenny said...

I like the Prairie Schooler patterns, but I don't get the "frenzy" either. Are they hard to get hold of or why do they tend to be so expensive?

Charlene said...

Once in a while you can find them at 1 2 3 on sale. I've collected quite a few, and think they are really cute!aaujel

Lelia said...

A luggage tag is a great idea. I think all the luggage looks alike : ) Good idea.