Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby blasts from the past

These are two old photos I scanned to see how that would work out. Both were taken long before I entered the digital age.

The first is a pillow I made in 1990 for the new son of my boss at the time. The baby was born on Halloween, two months early. He spent a fair amount of time in the preemie ward and the parents took this pillow to the hospital. I saw the boy who is now ready for college about a year ago at a party and he brought the pillow with him. I told him he didn't need to carry it everywhere he went. The haunted house design was from an old issue of Cross Quick magazine:

The second picture is a growth chart I made for a baby back in 1994. She was the first of four girls for these parents and I stitched an announcement of some kind for each child, but I have no pictures of the later ones. The design is by Lori Birmingham from an old Treasures in Needlework magazine.


Jenny said...

How cute! I think the haunted house is a cool and different baby announcement and I am sure the boy who received it appreciates it a lot! The wall hanging is adorable and goes well with the babygirl!;-)

patternnuts said...

Oh the scans look great! The haunted house is awesome- to think he still had it, so nice, having your work be so appreciated!
I chickened out with the growth chart idea, I was afraid they'd be too big by the time I could finish one. *chuckle.

staci said...

Really cute baby gifts :)

Anonymous said...

I love the haunted house design. What a tiny baby he was, always so surprised at how tiny premmies are.

You've done some wonderful stitching over the years.

Daffycat said...

Awesome stitching, Annie! Thanks for digging out your old photos and sharing them with us!