Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To a chocoholic...

You know you're a chocoholic when:
1) You subscribe to Chocolatier Magazine
2) The souvenirs you buy when on vacation are chocolates from the best chocolate shops
3) When you arrive at family dinners you are almost run over by the mob trying to get to the incredible chocolate concoction you have created and brought for dessert.

And for the chocoholic family member who fits that description, here is the birthday card I made:

To paraphrase Lizzie Kate, I know he could stop, but he's not a quitter. The card design is from a freebie that was on The Chart Shop at one time. I cut the paper shape using an old souvenir ashtray from a motel in Ocean City, MD as the template.


staci said...

Very cute...but the aforementioned chocoholic isn't too much of one since the chocolate deserts actually make it to the dinners LOL!

Estela said...

What a lovely desing, I love it, congrats, Estela

patternnuts said...

OOOohhhh, makes me think about my chocolate stash... wonder what I have left in there?
The card looks great. I really like the little bars- :).

Daffycat said...

Too cute!

Sandra said...

Wow!!! This is just great! Looks adorable, and the stitching is perfect, as always :)